The Product Life Cycle

The Product Life Cycle

    Durability takes into account the principles of eco-friendly production and extrapolates that across the entire lifecycle of the product. Sustainable products don’t just factor in the way that merchandise is made, but also the way that it is used, disposed of, and reused. This idea of the ‘life-cycle’ of objects, also called ‘Cradle to Cradle’, as being a factor in production and promotion of branded products and merchandise places a focus on how objects are created, used, and disposed of. Our products are created with low ecological impact materials that are ethical both in how they are made and how they will be remade. But durability has the additional benefit of dramatically increasing the number of times your brand and logo are viewed by a consumer. The typical lifecycle for low-quality consumer product X is Y, but our quality products last far longer. That means your brand might be present in their life for years, or even decades. There is no marketing method that comes even close to creating this low a cost per impression.

We will explore the value of durability and its effect on CPI in greater depth in future posts.

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