Modern Techniques For Merchandising and Marketing

Modern Techniques For Merchandising and Marketing

    At the cutting edge of promotional branding activities, The CHAOS Custom is on a mission to take advantage of the changing marketplace and consumer concerns. As consumers change their attitudes towards brands, and this is increasingly being influenced by corporate practices, policies and its effect on the environment and the community. It is becoming more important for brands to show that they stand for sustainability, and this is what consumers have come to expect. Buying high-quality promotional products makes sure that your customers perceive your brand as worthy of their priceless loyalty.

How To Market To Millennials

    Today, consumers are advertising savvy and can see through a marketing ploy from a mile away. In a research article published in the Journal of Business Strategy, entitled ‘Green Marketing: What The Millennials Buy’, the results of the study suggested that marketing communications with younger buyers were more important than ever before and that developing a sense of connection with the buyer lies at the heart of effective communications. Millennials seem to favor companies that have an emphasis on recyclability and reusability of promotional products. They looked explicitly for biodegradability and the positive health effects often represented by the eco-friendly attribute of products. This study also suggested that the main reason that a minority of Millennial gave for not buying from green businesses was the price. However, this is good news for brands using earth friendly products, as there is a perceived belief that eco-friendly products are more expensive, creating extra value for brands that use sustainable principles in brand promotion.

What is Green Marketing?

    This means that corporations and brands can drive growth in customer demand through green marketing. This includes adopting meaningful messages, production and packaging. The CHAOS Custom is leading the way in growing consumer demand for businesses, by using sustainable and green marketing methods. This is in response to the customer expectation that promotional products should no longer be throwaway junk, destined for the landfill. Gain better value for your business through better value, higher quality promotional items that offer the possibility of re-use, and in doing so, establishing your brand logo as a leader in sustainability.

    In the future we will explore the values of sustainability and how to make the best choices in eco friendly products, as well as the tangible customer impact of using green promotional products, with an analysis of trends in consumer behavior.

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