The CHAOS Custom; Earth Friendly Promotional Products For Better Branding The CHAOS Custom; Earth Friendly Promotional Products For Better Branding

At the CHAOS Custom, we believe in creating better promotional products that maximize your brand’s image, while also minimizing the negative effects on the environment. Our products are high quality and made using multi-sensory design, which takes into account how the customer perceives your merchandise, and by extension your brand. At The CHAOS Custom, we have chosen not to compete in the race-to-the-bottom that characterizes the promotional marketing industry. We care about the whole life cycle of the promotional items we produce as using earth-friendly branded items reflects positively on your company. We make high-quality promotional products that stay out of the trash so that your company logo does too! High-quality promotional items have four benefits that give them better value over cheap, low-quality swag. We focus on the emotional effect, quality, durability, and sustainability of branding to create the most effective promotional branding methods and practices for your company.

1. Quality

    Quality affects how consumers feel about your brand. The truth is that cheap items make you look like a cheap company. Research has shown that someone who receives a higher quality promotional item has measurable changes in attitude towards brand and company. The CHAOS Custom focuses on shaping consumer attitudes and emotions to do more than simply get your name out there; we get people to choose you by creating a positive brand image. We do this by understanding how people make decisions and tailoring marketing campaigns to create the desired response.

2. Emotions

    At the CHAOS Custom, we use our unique and diverse skill set (see link) to create promotional products that evoke real and powerful emotions and become a part of people’s lives. The multi-sensory power of promotional items is an opportunity to connect with people in a way no other marketing method can. It can create positive emotional responses that shape behavior and increase the effectiveness and return on investment of your marketing budget.

3. Durability

    Durability decreases the cost per impression for every promotional item you put out there, making quality merchandise one of the best value ways for your brand to get more impressions compared to other methods of marketing. When your T-shirt is worn out and thrown away, your brand presence is thrown away as well. It is already well known that promotional items offer companies very low cost per impression, and this is multiplied by increasing product durability, resulting in a shockingly low CPI.

4. Sustainability

    Sustainability creates positive social currency for your brand. Consumers are changing their attitudes towards companies. This is increasingly being influenced by corporate practices, policies, and their effect on the environment and the community. It is becoming more important for brands to show that they stand for protecting the earth, and this is not only what consumers’ want, but also what they have come to expect.

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